Company Members, Artists, Creatives, and Advisors

  • Staff

Jeremy Fiebig, Artistic Director/Master of Play

Debbi Kelly, managing director

Company Members

Medina Demeter, Master of House & Youth

Jacob French, Assistant Artistic Director; Master of Note

Marie Lowe, Associate Artistic Director; Master of Audience & Lit

Ruth Nelson, Master of Dramaturgy

Jessica Osnoe, Associate Artistic Director; Master of Company & Education

Tohry Petty, Master of Gift & Hype

Kaley Morrison, Master of Honey

Nathan Pearce, Master of Dispatch


Jennifer Czechowski, Sugars & Volunteers Fellow

Joyce Borum, Props Fellow


Reagan Carstens, Environments Wright

Katie White, Goods Wright

Cerina Johnson, Show Wright

Nic Fulton, Music Wright

Will Collier, Stage Wright

Justin Toyer, Show Wright

Mary Lynn Bain, Dramaturgy Wright

Hanna Lafko, Stage Wright

Gabe Terry, Cloth & Copy Wright

Rachel Brune, Audience Wright

Tyler Graeper, Haberdashery Wright

Annalise Kelly, Wright

Catherine Kelly, Music Wright

Lofton Riser, Wright

Debbi Kelly, Wright

Jen Pommerenke, Wright

Brian Terry,  Box Office Wright

Taj Allen, Wright

Traycie Zapata Kuhn, Wright


Dr. Ann Pleiss-Morris, Ripon College

Dr. Greg Fiebig, Indiana Wesleyan University

Mr. Richard Blunt, Actor

Mr. Marshall B Garrett, Director


Brandon Bryan, Master of Stage (inactive)