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An Update From Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s Artisitic Director

Greetings from Sweet Tea Shakespeare! Want to learn more about what our team has been up to and what you can do to help? Watch this message from our Artistic Director, Jeremy Fiebig, as he outlines some awesome opportunities Sweet Tea Shakespeare has coming up, and what you can do to help!

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Sweet Tea Shakespeare Welcomes New Assistant Artistic Director

Sweet Tea Shakespeare is delighted to introduce our new Assistant Artistic Director, Claire F. Martin! Claire is director, dramaturg, actor, and playwright, specializing in early modern drama and Restoration comedy. Claire comes to us with a M.A. Theatre Directing from Royal Holloway and a B.A. Theatre Arts & English (Honors) from University of Puget Sound. She has written several original plays including The 1415 Project, L is for Library, L.E.A.R., Court Date, and The Socratic Method. Claire’s most recent credits include The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (dir. Marissa Wolf, Portland Center Stage), Measure for Measure (Isabella/dramaturg), Norma Jeane Baker of Troy (dir. Katie Mitchell, The Shed), and Romeo+Juliet: The Parkland Project (director, Red Leather Theatre Company). Sweet Tea Shakespeare is excited to have Claire’s expertise on several upcoming projects. Welcome Claire!

Love on the Brain

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and here at Sweet Tea Shakespeare, we have love on the brain! Cupid’s little arrows are flying and our upcoming production of Midsummer Night’s Dream features a little “cupid” of its own. Puck, also known as Robin Goodfellow, functions as the bringer of love in this whimsical Shakespeare comedy. Let’s look at a few things the god of love and the mischievous fairy have in common.

While Cupid has not always been portrayed as the cherub with the bow and arrows that now comes to mind, he and Puck can both be portrayed as childlike, working to aid couples in falling in love. Cupid works his will be shooting a magical arrow to cause those hit to fall in love. Similarly, Puck puts juice of a magical flower on the lovers’ eyes to manipulate the potential romances. Of course, when feelings are magically manipulated, chaos and hilarity ensue!

Join us for the comedic misadventures of Puck, this little bringer of love. Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream opens April 23rd. Don’t miss the fun! Get your tickets here!

Macbeth: A Note on the Throne

Have you caught a production of Macbeth yet? If not, never fear! You still have 4 more chances to catch a production this week at Vizcaya Villa. For tickets, click here. For some context before you go, keep reading as we explore kingship, or, as it’s often referred to, “the throne.”

The concept of kingship is recurrent throughout Macbeth. It is interesting to note that during the time the play was written, King James I, who believed strongly that the throne should be passed down by hereditary means, was sitting on England’s throne. It is also interesting to note that several of the honorable noblemen and military officials featured in Macbeth can be traced as direct ancestors of King James I, including Duncan, Malcolm, Siward, Banquo, and Fleance. While in the world of Macbeth the throne is passed down based on the blood line, this was a recently established procedure. It was not until Duncan’s great-grandfather came into power that this process was put into place. Before this, the Scottish Princes of Cumberland were elected by the council of thanes. This change in how the throne was filled was not openly received by all.

Hopefully this is some fun food for thought as you watch the play! Hope to see you there!

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