Sweet Tea Shakespeare administers the Cool Spring Downtown District (CSDD) Busker Program is a program designed to enhance the Cool Springs Downtown District and support local artists and performers. The chief function of the program is to maintain a structured process by which local artists and performers can share their talents with the broader community and bring the streets of the district to life with an expansive and eclectic array of sidewalk entertainment. The program’s objective is to celebrate the talent and innovation that exists within the local arts community while making strolling the streets an experience.


For the purposes of the CSDD Busker Program a Busker is defined as any performer or artist who has been accepted as a member of the CSDD Busker Program with the intention of providing sidewalk entertainment for donations in designated areas within the CSDD.


The membership requirements for the CSDD Busker Program are as follows:

  • Completed CSDD Busker Program application
  • Approved by selection committee via screened work samples or completed audition
  •  If under 18 membership requires parent or guardian signature on permit and adult accompaniment during performances.
  • Agrees to Busker Code Of Conduct and regulations via written agreement


Each applicant for the CSDD Busker Program will need to complete and submit an application which consists of the following items:

  • Artist statement
  • Description of busking act
  • Two samples of work or performance clips that demonstrate competence in chosen medium. If not providing samples will need to complete an audition.


  • Audience Interaction: All Buskers will remain respectful of audience members and the public at all times. No abusive/threatening/inappropriate language or behavior towards audience members and/or the general public. This is also expected of audience members and the public when interacting with Buskers. Any performances requiring interaction with or participation from audience require a declaration of what may happen, what is expected, and what is permitted.  
  • Ordinance and Code violations: All buskers are subject to a 3 strike rule concerning city ordinances and codes. Violating an ordinance or code three time results in revoked permit and suspension from the program.
  • Performance Location Upkeep: Performance area is defined as 10 ft. radius around performance set up. Buskers will maintain their performance areas during and after performances. Buskers are responsible for removing any trash or litter produced by or during their act.
  • Performances using hazardous or transferable materials: These performances are reviewed by selection committee and permitted on a case by case basis with respect to city ordinances and codes.
  • Tip Solicitation: Buskers can suggest that audience members tip via written means (like a sign) but not verbal means and ultimately can’t demand or require payment to perform or continue performing.


  • Day Time Hours: Weekend 11:30am-2pm (counts as a 3-hour slot)
  • Night Time: Thursday through Saturday, 6-10pm (staggered slots)


For the purposes of the CSDD Busker Program, the district has been divided into 5 zones, with 2 performance locations within each zone. There are 10 dedicated spaces throughout the district for Busker performances to occur with 1 of those spaces designated as an open mic space for aspiring Buskers, who don’t have formal membership with the program, to showcase their talent.


Apply Here

Apply for the Busker Program to get the ball rolling on your application process.