Dollar Bill Y’all

We’re Making a Living Room and Planning for a Home

Four seven years, Sweet Tea Shakespeare has been partly homeless, living blissfully off the hospitality of our gracious hosts. Today the day where that starts to change.

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We’re building a strong foundation in Fayetteville and we need our community to help lay it — brick by proverbial brick. Thanks to a gracious offer by our friends at the American Shakespeare Center, we’ve agreed to purchase their gorgeous touring playhouse as soon as their current national tour concludes in early April. This playhouse, along with the set from BEDLAM‘s off-Broadway production of Pygmalion we purchased last year, combine to make an extraordinary pop-up theatre space reminiscent of Shakespeare’s indoor performance spaces. In a few years’ time, we’ll take these lovely pop-up pieces and use them as anchors for a longterm home, whether that be on a patch of ground, in a warehouse or garage, or nestled cozily in a barn. Together, our playhouse and seating areas constitute a one-of-a-kind living room where Sweet Tea Shakespeare performances can continue to transform folks into the living versions of themselves.

But to make that happen, we need our community to take up its role in this fantastic, new, playful scene in our story.

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Our Dollar Bill Y’all Campaign seeks to strengthen our position as we enter our second full season as an independent 501(c)3 organization. Your gift enables us to plan and contemplate for the future, including expanded staffing and increased pay for our devoted artists.

Sweet Tea Shakespeare started as a dream.  A dream to bring the plays of Shakespeare alive for new audiences.  To show those audiences that words penned 400 years ago are still relevant.  A dream for characters to come alive and connect with audiences.  The dream started small and has grown to serve several theatre goers every year.

Shakespeare came from humble beginnings.  The son of a glove-maker, he charted his own course by becoming a playwright (can you imagine that dinner conversation?).  Shakespeare’s band of merry men was no larger than our own group of beloved actors.  12-15 passionate storytellers transforming the complex issues of their time and making them available for everyone.

We like small.  We’re good at small.  We’re good at stringing small things together and making them into a larger thing.  We put our shows up every night from the ground up – lights, music, sets, all of it.  It looks daunting, but almost by magic, it happens.

Your gift to us is like that.  Small is actually mighty.  We need the big givers, but the smaller givers matter too.  5 bucks a month turns into $60 a year which helps us keep the lights going.  $10 per month magically turns into $120 per year which helps us get an actor from the Triangle back and forth to rehearsal.  $50 per month is actually $600 per year, helping create costumes for actors.  Your impact is real and tangible.

Just visit our Patreon page to get started with a monthly sustaining gift.

Thanks for being a committed magic-maker and a great member of the Sweet Tea Shakespeare family.