Become a Co-producer

One of the things we most take pride in at Sweet Tea Shakespeare is our devotion to revealing plays in such a way that anyone — young, old, new playgoers and veterans — can access the language and embark on a personal renaissance at every performance. Sometimes that renaissance comes from hearing a play in a fresh, strange, engaging way. Sometimes it comes from great barbecue, the warmth of cafe lights as the sunlight fades to twilight, a soft picnic blanket, or the grass between your toes. Sometimes it comes from a cold beer or a bottle of wine and the scent of longleaf pine in the air. Sometimes it comes from a favorite song on the guitar.

Since 2012, Sweet Tea Shakespeare has produced seasons of classic plays, from Shakespeare’s masterpieces to the wonders of Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen. Devoted to simple, elemental, magical performances full of live music, good food, beer, wine, and our hallmark sweet tea, our performances are affairs where audiences become part of the family each and every night.

To make all this possible — great plays, great music, great barbecue, great beverage — we need your help.

Here’s where you come in.

We are looking for co-producers who can underwrite individual shows or all or part of a season, who can provide safe and reliable actor housing, and who can accommodate our needs for rehearsal, performance, and storage space. All co-producers are eligible for unique perks, which can include billing, preshow and social media shoutouts, tickets, special hospitality features, and more.

Get a little closer with Sweet Tea Shakespeare by contacting Tohry Petty, our Master of Gift, at If you’d prefer, we can arrange a credit card payment once you call (910) 420-4383 or work with you to arrange picking up a check.

We honor our delightful Co-producers

The Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County
The Dehn Foundation
219 Group
Paris & Potter Management
Up & Coming Weekly
Vito C. Amaroso Donor Advised Fund of Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc.

We proudly acknowledge our current sponsors and partners

Selena Bechman-Harned
Blackstone Smokehouse & Pub
Cape Fear Orthopedics
Capitol Encore Academy
Deborah Chapman
Jessica Clark
Brittany Conlin
Deborah Davis
Jason Edwards
Nadia El Anani
Fayetteville State University
Christopher Gainer
Carolyn Gibbons
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
David Hoyer
Evie King
Ann Krieger
Darla Masters
Kelli McNamara
Pam Meadows
Teri Medina
Daniel Menefee
Marcia Mervin
Sana Moulder
The Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex
David Nikkel
Craig Politowicz
Pressed – a Creative Space
Margaret Priddy
Jessamyn Randall
St. Michael’s Catholic Church
Gabriel Terry
Katherine White
Winterbloom Tea
Joe Harris
Lysa Holbrook
To become a co-producer, visit here.