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Welcome to The Sweet Tea Shakespeare Hours, where we spend time well by spending it together. Think of the Hours as a way to pass the time around a common table of ideas inspired by Shakespeare, theatre, and each other. But it’s also so much more than that. We’re a community seeking to delight in story, song, and stagecraft even as we confront a world of change and challenge.

Our episodes are feasts of careful study, adventuresome radio dramas, music, original writing, and explorations of texts, moments, and people.

Welcome! We’re glad to spend time with you.

Lunch Hours

Tune in for our Lunch Hours podcast segment that features Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s Assistant Artistic Director, Claire Martin. Listen as Claire meets with industry professionals and speaks on everything from industry news to world happenings. Find out how local theatre artists are finding ways to express themselves in a turbulent world and ways you can support the meaningful art they produce. Catch the livestreams weekly on our official Facebook page and via the audio podcast release on Mondays at noon. 

After Hours

After Hours features Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s Artistic Director, Jeremy Fiebig, and Shakespeare expert and Hollywood screenwriter, Rob Gibbs. Tune in for a podcast special that explores the impact of politics and world news on the arts. The morning-show vibes and timely political discourse offers thought-provoking perspectives on current events. Join them for livestreams on Sundays at 11 am and the audio podcast release via on Thursdays at 5 pm.

Cocktail Hours

The Cocktail Hours is a rollicking, occasionally raucous romp hosted by Artistic Director Jeremy Fiebig, Assistant Artistic Director Claire Martin, Company Member Jessie Wise, and special guests. Libations and laughter are the order of the day, as the group ponders the sublime and the absurd in theater arts. This exclusive podcast is available only on the Sweet Tea Shakespeare Patreon, released on Wednesdays at 5pm. Join us for monthly giving of $5 or more to experience this fun and delightful STS Hours segment. 

By the Hours 

We’re so committed to bringing you consistent Hours content that occasionally we premier a By the Hours segment. Similar to our Lunch Hours content, this program consists of interviews, industry news, Sweet Tea behind the scenes, and more! Tune in for some of our most fun and fascinating content from Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s well-known faces.

The Sweet Tea Shakespeare Hours are available for regular download on most podcast services, including Spotify, Apple, and Google podcasts.

We frequently host live, streaming editions of our podcasts on our social media platforms, including, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Make sure to follow these accounts so that you know the second we go live. The great thing about these live streams is that we can engage in an ongoing conversation with you as they happen. You may also wish to join our online community on Facebook.

These podcasts are only possible because of regular support from our monthly sustainers and patrons. Please consider making a monthly pledge on Patreon. With options beginning at just $5 and plenty of great perks, you’ll find a great way to join the STS family.

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