Getting Our Reps In

By Marie Lowe, Associate Artistic Director, Master of Lit & Audience

The Tempest and Pericles are being presented in repertory, which means we’re performing the shows on alternating nights. It also means that we’re rehearsing the shows in repertory, with several actors going straight from Tempest rehearsal to Pericles rehearsal (or vice versa). If that sounds confusing or exhausting, that’s because it is, sometimes, confusing and exhausting–both shows feature ships, storms, and shipwrecks, and more than once I’ve had to ask someone, “Wait, which boat are we sinking right now?”

However, this process is building our muscles in truly exciting, hopefully permanent ways. It’s exciting to know that we’re moving closer to the model of rehearsing and performing multiple shows at once that Shakespeare and his company followed and that aspirational contemporary companies like the American Shakespeare Company and Bedlam follow now. It’s exciting to know that we’re capable of doing more good work in less time than we’re used to. Just as you can’t improve at the gym unless you push yourself past your comfort level, we can’t improve as a theater without pushing ourselves to the next level. We are building better theatrical muscles through this process, and the result is going to be a pair of powerful shows. Come join us at The Tempest and Pericles this summer–we’ve gotten our reps in.

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Be Our Guest

By Jessica Schiermeister, Dramaturg and Co-Director of Pericles

I have long admired Sweet Tea Shakespeare from afar. My former college professor and mentor, Jeremy Fiebig, started the company upon moving to Fayetteville after his first teaching job at Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa (where I attained my undergraduate degree). I always wished I lived close enough to go see the shows and support the company, but that never panned out. I attended Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, Virginia, for graduate school and made a few trips to Fayetteville during breaks, but the timing never matched up with STS performances.

In the summer of 2016 I submitted a concept idea for STS’s 2017 Honey Series show Saint Joan. I was picked to direct the show and was over the moon about it! Finally, I would have the chance to not only see this company in action but be a part of the action as well.Read More